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Andrew Graves 267X334

Andrew J. Graves, MS, SCYM (ASCP)

Associate Director, Lab Operations

Andrew began his cytometry career as an immunologist at Aeras, a non-profit dedicated to tuberculosis vaccine research. While at Aeras, Andrew was responsible for the design, development, and optimization of flow cytometry and immune monitoring assays, all of which supported multi-center clinical trials and pre-clinical studies. Andrew also served as a team leader for a product development team, tasked with transitioning a prospective vaccine candidate from pre-clinical studies to human clinical trials.

Andrew joined FlowMetric in 2016, where he oversees a portfolio of projects including immuno-oncology, toxicology, receptor occupancy, and CAR-T cell biology, and leads our team of scientists, cytometrists, and technicians, including remote analysts and scientific oversight of the FlowMetric Europe laboratory.

Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and his master’s degree in immunology from the University of Rochester. Andrew is a member of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry and is a certified Specialist in Cytometry from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Adam R. Cotty, PhD  Associate Director, Project Management
Erin M. Range  Senior Quality Associate