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Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD

Board Member

Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD is an oncologist and the founder and president of the Sbarro Health Research Organization and director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He works on molecular therapeutics, and also studies the connections between obesity and cancer.

Giordano grew up in Naples, Italy, where his father, Giovanni Giacomo Giordano, was an oncologist and a pathologist at the National Cancer Institute of Naples and a professor at the University of Naples. Antonio Giordano decided to branch out and start a research career more oriented to genetics applied to pathology. Early on, while following his father's research, he became interested in the link between the environment and the effect of toxic waste with the increasing cancer rates in the Campania region in Italy.

Dr. Giordano earned his medical degree at the University of Naples in 1986, and his doctorate at the University of Trieste in 1990.  Dr. Giordano has published over 400 papers on gene therapy, cell cycle, genetics of cancer, and epidemiology.

Dr. Giordano has received the Irving J. Selikoff Award for Cancer Research, the Rotary International Award, Lions Club Napoli-Europa . He has also received the title of Knight by the President of the Republic of Italy.  At the 25th anniversary of the National Organization of Italian American Women, he was awarded the Cross of Merit Melitense, an honor of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, from Dr. Riccardo Mastrangeli, Knight of Magistral Grace of the Order of Malta.

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