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There are many considerations around the selection of the test sample matrix, and the logistics of sample collection and processing when establishing a clinical trial protocol. FlowMetric offers a range of solutions based on the study requirements, and any limitations in capabilities at the clinical sites. We offer qualified PBMCs preparation, cryofreezing and tissue processing services, as needed to support your trial requirements.


Selection of Sample Matrix
Tissue, Whole Blood, PBMCs, Anticoagulant, Fixative, and Fresh vs Frozen


Shipping Conditions
Ambient, Cool-packs, Frozen/Dry Ice. Transit Time Acceptance Criteria. Communication with Shipping Companies, and Couriers/Tracking


Sample Processing
Standard Procedures for Thawing, PBMCs Isolation, RBC lysis, Tissue Processing Viability Acceptance Criteria

By standardizing sample collection, transportation and processing activities, we aim to ensure the highest quality analysis of every sample in your clinical trial.


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The FlowMetric Advantage

Our scientific team members have experience with a variety of tissue and blood processing techniques and can help determine the optimal sample type for your study.

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