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Making Every Stem Cell Count: FlowMetric Unveils New Validated CD34+ Cell Enumeration Assay

Posted on: July 23, 2014

Cell CytometryHematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are a diverse cell population that have captivated researchers through their ability to give rise to numerous blood cell types, many of which form the crux of the immune system. Flow cytometry-based assays have been critical to the characterization and isolation of HSCs and have led to major breakthroughs in bone marrow transplantation. Several different proteins expressed on the surface of HSCs are used in flow cytometry assays as markers of this cell population. CD34 is a cell surface glycoprotein expressed on the surface of HSCs and is used as an HSC marker by researchers aiming to enumerate and isolate HSCs with regenerative potential.

To meet the needs of researchers studying CD34+ HSCs, FlowMetric, Inc. of Doylestown, PA now offers a state-of-the-art validated CD34+ cell enumeration assay, which can accurately enumerate HSCs in human whole blood. This validated procedure, performed under GLP conditions, conforms to the International Society of Hematology and Graft Engineering (ISHAGE) guidelines, and is considered one of the most accurate and robust methods for measuring viable human HSCs.

FlowMetric’s CD34+ cell enumeration assay is a flow cytometry-based assay that uses very small volumes of fresh human blood processed with an optimized panel of antibodies that specifically detect human HSCs.  This assay is validated to detect CD34+ HSCs at a sensitivity level of 1 HSC/ml and can also be used to sort viable HSCs for clinical use. FlowMetric has also validated that viable CD34+ HSCs can be detected in blood samples up to 72 hours post-blood draw.

FlowMetric is eager to share its CD34+ cell enumeration assay offering with clients pursuing both clinical and basic stem cell research, especially researchers in the oncology and hematology fields. FlowMetric partners with researchers in pharmaceutical, biotech, academia, and government labs, and can typically guarantee a turn-around time of 24 hours from receipt of samples. FlowMetric is also capable of running large batches of samples and works with clients to develop the most effective strategy for delivering solid and timely results.  


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