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Welcome to Our New State-of-the-Art Facilities - Here’s What it Means for You and Your Flow Cytometry Projects

Posted on: December 21, 2022


For the last 12 years, Flowmetric has been located in the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center incubator campus in Doylestown, PA. We were – by quite a bit – the largest tenant there for years, occupying approximately 7,000 square feet of space, around half of which was devoted to lab space. It was clear for some time that the cost of our success meant that we had grown to the maximum possible at that site. A plan to look for more space was initiated.   This was a natural progression, and one we knew was necessary for us to be the top CRO solution providing flow cytometry services for our customers.


We are happy to announce that we have begun  2023 having completed our move into a beautiful 27,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, occupying the second floor of building four of the Springhouse Innovation Park in Spring House, PA. This location offers us a whole new level of size and opportunity, in terms of our current needs, as well as our future growth potential.


The Right Decision at Just the Right Time


This  site had been eyed by the Executive team at FlowMetric for several years. In that respect, the move to Springhouse was actually already in the works as a concept, and KCAS purchasing Flowmetric accelerated that proposition. This is a great addition to the global footprint to the KCAS family of companies. Combined with the recent acquisition of Active Biomarkers, our location in Lyon, France, and our existing Flowmetric location in Bresso (MI), Italy, KCAS has firmly established itself as a global bioanalytical solution provider . Facility improvements and investments in growth like this have become the norm for KCAS lately, and show an undeniable commitment to excellence.


A clear choice for talent in the Philadelphia area


The Philadelphia region, is rich in top talent associated with numerous medical and science degree university programs in the area.  As a consequence there is keen competition for that top talent across CROs and pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the Philadelphia/NJ/ DC region. Strategically, offering great benefits and excellent facilities is a must in this region to attract top talent.  At the end of the day, you simply have to have excellent and attractive facilities. You need to be able to provide excellent lab space to develop drugs. By completing this move, we are now a world-class CRO, capable of bringing the best talent in our area knocking on our doors.


Request a Tour; We Would Love to Show You Around


The move to this new facility has been an exciting and rewarding experience because of the value proposition it presents to our existing customers and employees and naturally beckons new ones.   . We are extremely happy with our new space and we would love to show it to you. We would highly recommend anyone who's interested in having a tour or scheduling an audit, contact us. We will schedule a time to show you around. We are confident you will be just as pleased as we are to see what Flowmetric’s new facilities have to offer.


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