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Outsource Like a Pro and SOAR to New Heights

Posted on: December 21, 2015

contract research organizationAre you considering outsourcing your next flow cytometry project? Or are you trying to advance your research with the support of a contract research organization? Consider these key factors to help your outsourced project SOAR.


Share detailed information with your CRO about your project needs, specifically: what you are providing them and what you are looking for. These details are critical to assuring that the CRO can use the right protocols and adapt them to your needs and are especially critical for flow cytometry assays that must be performed quickly on fresh samples.

Ongoing and Open Communication

Outsourcing your flow cytometry assays doesn’t disconnect you from your research. In fact, your work with a CRO will benefit from making sure you have an open and ongoing line of communication with a person tasked with managing your project. This will help you feel comfortable with how your project is proceeding and prevent technical glitches from derailing your outsourced research.


As you consider outsourcing a project, think about how this data will be archived. Ask your CRO how they archive and backup data, and think about how you will manage your data in your own lab.


Research and data analysis protocols always have room for refinement and improvement. If your lab has found a way to improve a protocol currently being used by your CRO, communicate this advancement with them. Your CRO may also find ways to improve your protocol, and this is another reason that regular communication with your CRO is critical to research success.

Keep these tips in mind and make the most of outsourcing your flow cytometry.

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