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Why was FlowMetric established?

Posted on: February 18, 2013

Are you the sort of person who:

  • wants to get novel medicines to market and solve an unmet medical need?
  • wants to ensure that the medicines that you are developing are safe and reach the right patient population? 
  • wants to accelerate the process of drug development?
  • wants to do well by doing good?

These are the some of our guiding principles, and if they align with your beliefs then please come and speak with us. Given our experience we have found that it is very hard to do all things well that will lead us to the above goals. The scientific community is very large, with pockets of knowledge in different places, and operation expertise in another. The combination of the two, with a solid management team typically leads to success.

Given that management teams or projects teams with great scientific background exist, with FlowMetric, you get:

  • A focus on the success of your projects
    • Focus on hypothesis driven science to enable decision making at your end (milestones)
    • Your objectives and time lines become ours

  • A Milestone-based pricing that matches your Go/No Go decisions points

  • A Team dedicated to you needs
    • An extension of your in-house R&D team (and Biomarker)
    • Decades of experience and expertise in flow cytometry
    • Experience across multiple therapeutic areas

  • A Track record of delivering results
    • Ability to perform “hard-to-execute” assays
    • Heavy focus on delivering data in-time to enable decision making

  • A GLP facility where aseptic cell-sorting can be performed
    • Non-GLP studies are conducted with GLP rigor (audit friendly)
    • Cell sorting of multiple tissues types across multiple species

If you are a kind of person that wants the above, then please come and speak with us. I am sure we will find a way to collaborate and in the end ensure that some of the needs of the patients (people like you and me) are met.

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