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Characterization by Flow Cytometry

Multiparameter Characterization of Phagocytosis and Cell Toxicity by Flow Cytometry

With the advancement in biological drug development for therapeutic applications in the fields of infectious disease, autoimmunity and oncology, understanding the mechanism of action is critical for the rational design of therapies for enhanced immune activity.


Antibody Dependent Cell Phagocytosis

This describes the mechanism by which antibody opsonized target cells activate the FcRs on the surface of macrophages to induce phagocytosis.


Antibody Dependent Cell Cytotoxicity

The functional evaluation of the engagement and activity of effector cells against cancer cells, or infected cells bridges both the adaptive and innate immune responses.


Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity

CDC is the mechanism by which cells coated by antibodies activate the complement pathway, resulting in cell death.

FlowMetric has developed CDC approaches for a number of clinical applications including:

Safe dose ranges for cytotoxic drugs and the assessment of xeno-transplants. Our fit-for-purpose approach to assay development will ensure rapid and sensitive assessment of CDC.


How Can Mechanism of Action Assays be Applied in Your Study?


Drug safety/toxicity
Quantify safe and effective dosing with minimal cytotoxic effects


New Drug Design
Through modeling and assessment of drug-target interactions


Enhanced Dosing
Understanding the cytotoxicity of drugs enables us to understand the dosing requirements more clearly for normal versus pathogenic applications


Patient Stratification Responders Versus Non Responders
Biomarker/phenotypic assessment of drug targets open the door for safer clinical trials


Rational Enhanced Combination Therapy Design
Knowledge of the mechanism of action, particularly with respect to immune-modulating drugs, enables research to fully explore and exploit combination therapies, with enhanced safety and efficacy

The FlowMetric Advantage

Our expertise and commitment in hypothesis-driven analytical assessment of mechanism of action provides a robust and cost-effective approach to your MOA initiatives.

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