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Full Cell Culture Suite Capabilities

Flow cytometry does not exist without some level of cell culture to prepare the cells for staining and was initially designed to perform cell sorting. During the early stages of a flow experiment, following proper aseptic techniques while performing cell culture will result in capture of your targeted cells or provide endless plots of data visualizing the cell’s profile.

At FlowMetric, you will find a full cell culture suite to manipulate and maintain any cell line up to Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2). Cells across all order of classifications including bacteria, mammals, plants, and insects can be observed with the appropriately labeled antibodies. We routinely handle live cultures and frozen stocks directly from our clients to be maintained until the appropriate phase of the cell cycle has been achieved to obtain optimum expression of the target protein. Many of our clients also send tissue samples to be dissociated into a single cell suspension which is one of the critical steps in any flow cytometry experiment. Whether you need cell isolation, stimulation, proliferation, or viability tests, we have all the appropriate instrumentation and methodologies in place to perform each task.


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