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Monoclonal Antibody Production

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production & Screening Services

FlowMetric uses proven and tested methodologies for generating your next monoclonal antibody.  As a one stop source for both your hybridoma production and screening needs using your in-house/vendor generated tissue, FlowMetric can perform any, and all of the following phases in our GxP laboratories:

Monoclonal Antibody Production

  • Phase I: Fusion of Cells with the Appropriate Immortal Cell Line
  • Phase II: Primary ELISA Screen
  • Phase III: Confirmation Screens
  • Phase IV: Sub-Cloning by Limiting Dilution Assay
  • Phase V: Functional Screening & Biological Testing

The choice and flexibility are all yours!  We can perform all these phases or apply only those required to fit your needs.

Download Our Step By Step Guide To Creating Custom Monoclonal Antibodies