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FlowMetric, an IsoPlexis Certified Service Provider, offers comprehensive, single-cell functional proteomics with the IsoLight™ Proteomics Hub from IsoPlexis. This multiplexed system offers discovery of biomarkers from the secretome and intracellular proteome, providing a means of describing each immune cell by its true functional biology.

The IsoLight system can support different applications, across many fields of clinical research, including immuno-oncology, autoimmune disorders, vaccine and drug responses, and infectious disease. With more than 70 publications and 50 highly correlative clinical datasets, this innovative platform is providing unparalleled predictive data across diverse areas of medicine.

The IsoCode technology system provides Single-Cell, Highly Multiplexed Analysis.

At the heart of the IsoCode technology is the testing cassettes that mediate the capturing of tens of thousands of single cells into autonomous chambers, enabling the biological function of each of these cells to be measured in isolation. Optimized panels are available to resolve the cellular secretome, along with intracellular proteome and metabolome profiles.

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CodePlex technology uses ultra-low sample volumes, to provide big data resolution.

Isoplexis’ CodePlex solution provides a streamlined approach to multiplexed bulk cytokine analytics. With more than 30 parameters measured from one 11μL sample volume, panels are optimized for specific research applications to deliver unprecedented insights into functional drivers within biological systems.

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Data Analytics

As with flow cytometry, the IsoLight system produces large datasets. FlowMetric’s expertise in big data analytics will ensure you get the most out of your clinical samples. As with our flow cytometry services, we can provide multiple analytical readouts and reportables, in whatever format you study requires.

proteo-icon-01tSNE and heatmap analysis of your data sets to uncover critical subpopulations in your samples of interest. Our analysis can also determine polyfunctionality and dominant functional groups within your samples of interest and identify the biological drivers behind responses.

proteo-icon-02Single Cell Poly Functional Strength Index represents a novel and revealing metric for measuring the potency of different immune cell types.

The FlowMetric Advantage

Multi-parameter flow cytometry combined with single-cell proteomics provides a much larger spectrum of information and cost-effective discovery protocols and meaningful pre-validation analytics.

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