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Single Cell Sorting by Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS™) 

Flow cytometry can be used to provide a quick and quantitative determination of cell properties when sorting a heterogeneous mixture of cells.  FACS™ single cell sorting allows researchers to understand cellular properties that can be diluted or not evident in larger bulk populations.  Virtually any population that can be identified by standard flow cytometry techniques can be sorted. Single Cell sorting can be important for cloning and for downstream genomic applications such as RNAseq. 

FlowMetric is able to sort single cells (aseptically or non-aseptically in a BSL-2 safety cabinet) into 96 or 384 well plate configurations, engaging up 16 parameters, from a single sample.  Samples can be sorted directly into media for clonal expansion or sorted into lysis buffer for downstream genomic profiling. 


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