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Contract Research Organization

The FlowMetric Benefit

FlowMetric was established to deliver decision-enabling data on projects that matter the most to your company. Partners choose us because of our focus, our expertise, our approach, and our results.


Currently, R&D budgets are being cut globally within many companies, and the same head count are doing more work than before. From experience, we understand that there is not enough time to account for the multiple methodologies needed for problem solving. Additionally, many biotech companies don’t have the luxury of investing in either equipment or capital. Our dedicated team of scientists is focused on delivering tangible value to your projects. This ensures that 100% of our time is spent collaborating with you to achieve our goals together.


Each of our team members has an average of over 15 years of experience in flow cytometry and bioinformatics inform work in Big Pharma, Biotech, and CROs. This inter-industry and inter-disciplinary team has led to efficient solutions for our partners. We have executed “hard-to-perform” assays and provided tangible value to our partners. These include a wide range of assays in whole blood, sorting of rare cell populations, and functional assays performed at Phase I units for clinical development.


Our team’s previous experience as scientists, project managers, and bio-informaticians in drug development allows our team members to provide a unique approach to identify and develop strategies to move your projects forward. Our hypothesis-driven approach to scientific problems enables valuable insight leading to better collaborations and outcomes.

Dependable Results:

Our team’s hallmark is being reliably on time and in budget. We have an impeccable track record of delivering results and reports (as per the clients needs). Our process is milestone based, which enables efficient decision making not only from a scientific perspective, but also from a price and cost perspective. Our repeat clients will attest to the high quality of our work and results that have enabled their projects to move forward.

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