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June 2023

KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services (KCAS), FlowMetric, and Active Biomarkers are part of a solution-based Global Company providing bioanalytical, biomarker and analytical laboratory testing services, which is committed to quality in all aspects from initial client contact to final data delivery.

This is accomplished by following a Quality Management System structured on a cross-functional process-based framework which assures that our clients’ R&D programs (and their future patients) are always the focus.

The Chief Executive Officer along with Site Leaders, have overall responsibility for and are fully committed to supporting the Quality Management System and promoting a Culture of Quality wherein:

  • All employees are empowered as a vital part of the Quality Management System through continuous training and education
  • Emphasis is placed on client communication and understanding needs prior to delivery on project scope. Those projects which require regulatory compliance are ensured to meet it via the quality system
  • Processes and procedures required to execute regulatory requirements are continuously maintained in a state of compliance
  • Management supports the quality system and ensures a safe working environment
  • Strategic company planning includes quality
  • Technological and scientific solutions are developed to offer up-to-date methodology
  • Global collaboration for international and multi-site projects is unified
  • Growth of infrastructure, equipment, automation, information systems and technology is continually advancing to meet required client expectations and required regulatory requirements
  • Client feedback is incorporated as a part of the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Management is responsible to review the effectiveness of the quality system, including the Quality Policy, Quality Manual and associated policies and procedures
  • Goals and objectives include focus on quality objectives and are measured to assure an environment of quality awareness

By following the Quality Management System, our Global Company is able and committed to assuring reliable and defendable data for our clients to improve health worldwide.